Vegan menu. Week of January 9, 2023

menu vegan semaine 9 janvier 2023

Here are the first vegan menus of the year 2023! 🎊🎊 On this year’s program, vegetalfrom vegetal and vegetal ! Does animal suffering revolt you? Do lobbies exasperate you? Do you want to go to the end of your convictions? Become vegan and take advantage of this moment of good resolutions to take the plunge. … Read more

Vegetarian menu. Week of January 2, 2023

menu vegetarien semaine 2 janvier 2023

We wish you all a happy new year 2023 🎉🎉 Of the flavors news, tastes originals, protein gourmet vegetables, vitamins galore, and vegetarian menus always full of ideas to help you eat healthy easily, while doing good for the planet and animals! 🍅🍋🍏 We hope to delight you again this year and help you reduce, … Read more

Protective Surahs | 3 Suras with immense merits

Les sourates protectrices a connaitre

Certainly, but with immense merits, the three protective surahs are our allies in the life of every day. Indeed, these last ones of great importance are used to protect oneself and guard against all evil, like nouns. sas leniah For these reasons, let us recite the three protective surahs. What are the three protective surahs? … Read more

Leek and salsify gratin

recette vegetarienne gratin poireau salsifi

This vegetarian gratin of leeks and salsify is comforting to perfection! The cheese sauce and the leeks combine wonderfully with the flavor of salsify, a truly underestimated forgotten vegetable, which we wanted to put in the spotlight with this recipe. The article Leek and salsify gratin appeared first on Vegetarian menu.

Vegan menu. Week of October 31, 2022

menu vegan semaine 31 octobre 2022

Monday, October 31, we will celebrate Halloween 🎃 So we offer you a vegan menu special. You can also discover all our ideas of vegetarian and vegan recipes in our halloween menu. But since the week doesn’t end on Monday (sometimes we think that’s a shame!), here are some vegan menu ideas for the other … Read more