Intimacy and Relationships Within Marriage in Islam

Intimacy and relationships within marriage are essential aspects of a happy and fulfilling life. In Islam, solid and loving relationships between spouses are highly valued, and communication and consent play a central role in maintaining a healthy bond. Islam teaches that all forms of intimacy should be guided by love, mutual respect, and support and … Read more

Skyward Islamic Education Foundation

Skyward Islamic Education Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Islamic education to students of all ages. Founded in 2012, the organization strongly focuses on community involvement and building relationships with local schools and organizations. One of the critical goals of Skyward Islamic Education Foundation is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of … Read more

Leek and salsify gratin

recette vegetarienne gratin poireau salsifi

This vegetarian gratin of leeks and salsify is comforting to perfection! The cheese sauce and the leeks combine wonderfully with the flavor of salsify, a truly underestimated forgotten vegetable, which we wanted to put in the spotlight with this recipe. The article Leek and salsify gratin appeared first on Vegetarian menu.

Vegetarian Recipe – Butternut Squash Risotto

recette vegetarienne risotto courge

One risotto creamy and very soft, 100% seasonal, with this butternut squash puree that you can replace with pumpkin or butternut squash. A little parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes that go wonderfully with the squash, and voila, here’s a vegetarian recipe very comforting! Parmesan, like most hard cheeses, AOP, IGP and Label Rouge cheeses, is not vegetarian … Read more