Vegetarian Recipe – Roasted Red Cabbage Steaks, Chickpeas and Croutons

recette vegetarienne steak chou rouge pois chiches

Here’s one vegetarian recipe original red cabbage steak. Because yes, we want to give back its place to red cabbage, which is not always appreciated at its fair value 😁 Roasted, it becomes soft, sweet and becomes an irresistible base for crispy chickpeas and herb croutons, embellished with a rich lemony garlic mayonnaise. Preparation time … Read more

Vegetarian recipe – Wheat, roasted Jerusalem artichokes, orange yogurt

recette vegetarienne ble topinambours

The Jerusalem artichokes are a little pleasure of autumn and winter. In this recipe, we wanted to put them in the spotlight by roasting them in the oven with agave syrup and thyme and accompanying them with wheat, orange yoghurt and roasted hazelnuts. A vegetarian recipe simple but delicious. You can use any other cereal … Read more