Risotto of roasted Jerusalem artichokes and pesto

Oh them Jerusalem artichokes ! These forgotten root vegetables that have bad press! Well, we love them, and especially roasted in the oven 😁 So we wanted to offer you this vegetarian recipe very simple and delicious risotto with roasted Jerusalem artichokes and pesto.

THE Parmesan cheese, like most hard cheeses, PDO, PGI and Label Rouge cheeses, is not vegetarian in the strict sense of the term. Indeed it contains animal rennet, an enzyme extracted from the fourth stomach of calves but also of kids and lambs slaughtered before weaning. To give the cheesy taste in risottos or pasta, you can use malted yeast instead, which is also extremely good for your health!

The nutritional information is given for 1 person, based on an intake of 2,000kcal per day.

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