Vegetarian menu. Week of January 2, 2023

We wish you all a happy new year 2023 🎉🎉

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Of the flavors news, tastes originals, protein gourmet vegetables, vitamins galore, and vegetarian menus always full of ideas to help you eat healthy easily, while doing good for the planet and animals! 🍅🍋🍏

We hope to delight you again this year and help you reduce, or even stop, your meat consumption.

And if you are here today, it is because you know that it is essential toincrease the share of vegetable proteins in our diet. The change will not come from industrialists or politicians, the change will come from us, consumers. ✊✊

We hope to participate, at our level, in the development of vegetarianism and plant-based diets as a whole with our vegetarian menus and our tasty, simple, healthy recipes and accessible to all.

And since it’s a bit like the period of good resolutions, here are some ideas that could be useful to you 😉

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