Vegetarian menu. Week of January 30, 2023

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This week, it’s Candlemas! Have you ever tested vegan pancakes ✨💯?

Well, it’s like pancakes not vegan but without eggs or cow’s milk.

Why do not put eggs or cow’s milk?

You could say pancakes are less calories obviously, so there’s more to have fun on the filling 🤤!

But making pancakes without eggs or milk saves the chicks 🐣 🐥 from being crushed, the chickens, cows and calves 🐄🐔 from being abused and living in suffering. So when you know it’s so good, why hesitate! 💓💓

And then, because we’re not just going to eat pancakes all week either, we’re offering you vegetarian menus, simple, of the season to pamper yourself a little in this cold period! 🥶

At menu this week, we offer you for example: spinach curry, fennel quiche, sweet potato röstis, celeriac charlotte, creamy spaghetti,…

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